HR Strategic Planning Timesaver Kit


The best route to positioning a company to optimize opportunities is to plan. Organizational strategic planning is a common activity. However, capturing opportunities can be elusive if there is not a human resource component to business strategic planning.

Why is HR Planning Important?

All roads eventually lead to human resources.

At any given time an organization needs to determine what skill set is needed to complete tasks or projects and at what level of performance. Sourcing and acquiring top talent is a major focus of many businesses worldwide. Determining what compensation and benefits are competitive to attracting and retaining top talent can be complex. Ultimately engaging top talent becomes critically important for an organization’s success. We haven’t even touched on the influence of culture crafting and change management needs of a growing organization.

An organization is better equipped to soar above competition and accomplish its goals through a strong HR strategy. HR strategy can inspire a productive organization, leveraging talent management techniques and optimize labor costs. The right strategy can help cultivate a workplace culture that puts wind in the sails of your ship. Ultimately if you have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, there really isn’t anything you can’t accomplish in your business.


This Timesaver Kits includes:

  • Introduction
  • Quick Reference Guide - Checklist
  • Environmental Scanning Tool (editable)
  • SWOT Analysis Tool (editable)
  • Scenario Planning Tool (editable)
  • Skills Inventory Tool (editable)
  • Gap Analysis for Staffing Tool (editable)


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