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Advantages of Integrating Speaking into Your Business

Advantages of Integrating Speaking into Your Business

Public speaking is an essential skill in life. Many people have a fear of it and this is often because it is not something you practice enough or you are scared of looking silly in front of a crowd of people. However, it is something that is important in everyday business and there are many advantages to learning to speak well and motivate people with your speaking prowess. There are many places and opportunities where being a good public speaker will allow you to promote and build your business:

speaking in business

Different situations lead to different events

Every industry holds events which celebrate where the industry is, what developments have been made and often the companies which have contributed the most. These types of events are immensely beneficial to speak at; they offer the chance to increase your customer base and build a better rapport with your existing customers. Taking the opportunity to give a speech at an event will allow you to target a much larger audience and create more connections than many other venues. The advantage of speaking at events is the increased potential market that you can reach but there are also many personal and professional benefits:

Think deeply and thoroughly before saying anything

When you prepare a speech or other presentation you need to focus your thoughts and organize them appropriately. This allows you the opportunity to evaluate your current approach and where the company needs to be going in the future. The ability to analyze and forward think is essential in any business environment.

Be quick with responses

No matter how well prepared you are there will be times when a speech goes wrong, this can be due to you fluffing your lines or to equipment failure. These occurrences should never present an issue as you will develop the ability to think quickly on your feet and come up with a solution. This attribute is exceptionally useful daily when running a business.

public speaking

New concepts

A well presented speech engages an audience and forces them to ask questions. Some of these questions will make you look at your own pre-conceived opinions in a different light and this is good on a personal basis. The ability to be flexible and open to new ideas is also essential in the workplace.

New direction

Speaking to a group of people will enlighten them about a subject. This group will all have different backgrounds and therefore will have a different take on the subject. These different takes can provide valuable insight into an issue and even show how a problem can be overcome. This same technique should be practiced in a business environment. Not only will it potential resolve issues it will engage your employees.

Assess your audience’s needs

In order to create a speech you need to assess the needs of you audience and what they will best react to. This will allow you to create a speech which is focused on their needs. It will speak directly to them and allow them to see how they can be influenced or use this advice to improve their own possibilities. The same concept should always be applied in a business environment. Knowing what your staff and customers need and how best to approach them, will enable you to expand your market and keep your staff, happy, engaged and loyal.

public speaking


One of the most obvious and often overlooked benefits of public speaking is that you will become more comfortable doing it. Just like most things, practice makes perfect, or at the least makes you better. Learning to speak to large rooms of people will enable you to speak to your employees. The same approach should be taken as when you plan a speech and your employees will react accordingly. Public speaking skills will allow you to become an effective, confident business leader.

Believe or not, many entrepreneurs lack public speaking abilities. They don’t like to hold a speech in front of an audience, and the reasons vary. Some are too nervous; others just don’t feel comfortable talking to a crowd. Sadly, as a company leader you can avoid this endeavor forever. Employees want to feel valued and they won’t remain with your company for too long if they don’t feel that the work that they perform is appreciated.

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