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Top 5 Ways to Enhance Productivity

Top 5 Ways to Enhance Productivity

Are you an entrepreneur or intrapreneur? Either you are a CEO, looking after one’s business or managing your workplace productivityown, you cannot avoid the importance of your employees. It is rather essential to give value to employees’ satisfaction. Time has an immense importance to everyone’s life and all of us want to make the most of it but this can only be done when two hands are clasped together that is giving equal importance to your employees’ time and dedication to their work. According to analysis sources, it has been found that happier is the employee, the greater is the productivity. However, it is quite a big challenge these days to keep each of your employees happy and you need to keep motivating your employees for better results. Here are the five ways that a manager can follow to enhance the productivity of employees at a workplace.

1: Identify the Problem Areas and Resolve Them

A good manager needs to point out the problematic areas and come up with solutions. A manager can motivate his employees by inquiring them about the problem they are facing. They can ask them for suggestions to resolve the conflicts if there are any. The most appropriate solution coming from the employees can be implemented. This would give them a sense of honor, which eventually would lead them towards motivation to increase productivity.

2: Motivate through the Inputs of Employees

A monotonous routine can demotivate the employees. One can encourage his employees by bringing a change in the routine work. For instance, you may ask your employees for contributing with creative ideas for the projects, taking suggestion for policy making, taking feedback on the nature of their work, etc. A centralized system gives the employees a sense of autonomy, which may encourage them to perform their best as compared to decentralized system. The management the controls strictly over employees and does not listen to their voices may demotivate them.

3: Giving Rewards on Better Performance

Use of rewards can be simply helpful in encouraging the better performance of your employees. Frequent rewards or appreciating your employees play a vital role. Giving recognition to best performance would increase the competition among employees. You may arrange different awards, for example, appraising and an employee of the month or of the year. This would increase the efficiency of the employees leading to positive productivity. Giving benefits and appraisal in term of money would enhance the productivity of the employees.

4: Set Clear Goals and Vision of the Company

It is extremely important to set your goals and dictate the vision of the company to your employees since vision provides the insight to the employees that where they need to be and setting clear goals would provide them guidance to achieve their targets effectively. It is also important to separate the long-term and short-term goals since short-term goals needed to get done in a short span of time hence, meeting the deadlines. Providing feedbacks in term of acknowledging the accomplishments would be a plus point to the effectiveness of your employees. Furthermore, giving feedback on their performance and let them know they are being supervised would probably increase their efficiency.

5: Focus on Training and Skill Development

Establishing standards is essential for every business. Employees should be told what they are expected to do or what output they are expected to present. Employees should be motivated to accept the challenges in order to get promotions or higher positions. You must be very clear that what and how you expect them to achieve their targets. Besides, it is extremely important to recognize your employees self-improving needs. You may do this by providing them proper training to develop their skills in order to get effective and efficient results. Here, an effective communication plays a vital role. Having a proper communication channel is important. During your training session, you can provide the outlays of hierarchy. One must know whom should he report and communicate directly or through a prescribed channel.

Final Words

It is not always easy to uphold the enhancement of productivity of employees, but it is not that hard either. Technology today has made our life easier. It is easy today to pace with others with the proper use of technology. Things that are the keys to keep in mind are that one should always motivate his employees by involving their supervisors, providing them with adequate and advance technology and foremost rewarding and acknowledging their better performance.

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Alison Carmel is a business consultant and a passionate writer who creates numerous articles everyday on variety of topics especially related to business, management, organization and productivity. In addition to this, she also loves to contribute her work in academic writing field and she is a regular contributor to Essay Yard - Custom Essay Writing Services.

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