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Five Best New Year’s Resolution for Your Resume

Five Best New Year’s Resolution for Your Resume

New Year is around the corner and we have all faced a guilt trip since we never end up acting on our new year's Resolutionsresolutions. If your New Year’s resolution is to get a new executive job, it would help to break it down in distinct achievable goals.With the responsibilities of your current job, you might not find plenty of time to improve your skills and fine tune your resume for the new one.Following are the five New Year’s resolution ideas you can have for your resume to help with your job search.

1. Attend At Least One Networking Event Every Week

Networking is still the best way you can reach out to the companies looking to hire, even at the executive position. At the networking events, be sure to make new connections to expand your network. Also, don’t forget to catch up with your existing or old contacts as they can still prove to be beneficial in your search for job. One way to network better would be to join industry association. These associations usually have events planned for the members. Attending such events can be helpful to your networking.

2. Update Your Professional Profiles Every Month

This goal can be time consuming if you have a lot of profiles to update, but it is rather simple too. Still, it is an important step in your career strategy as a management executive. By keeping your profiles updated, you will ensure that you are accessible to hiring managers and executive search consultants all the time through searches. When updating the profiles, include your updated resume, any significant changes in your status, any relevant keywords that define you, etc.

3. Develop a New Skill This Year

In order to improve your chances of getting noticed by hiring manager, developing a new skill that is in demand in your field can go far in your search for new job. Additional skills can put you a step ahead of other competitors for the job. In order to decide what skills you can develop, think about what skills might be useful for the job function you are desiring or for the executives in your field. Is there any skill that you lack or you could improve?

Once you have figured out which skill you want to build on, you have to determine how gain the said skill. For less technical skills, you can join a local university and take MBA classes or register online for EMBA for the class that enhances that skill. For technical skills, you can find a variety of courses online.

4. Refine Your Resume Regularly

Your resume is the best branding tool you have at your disposal, which is why it should always represent your best and up-to-date self. You should consider making narrowed down and targeted resumes such as a resume targeted to executive recruiters or board resumes. If you are not taking the services of an expert resume writers, you should be aware of helpful tips to make your resume prominent. First and foremost is the resume format. You have to use different formats for different type of resumes. For further help with formatting, you can look into different resume templates for mac and windows, according to the purpose the resume is supposed to serve.

5. Block Out More Often

Executives find clearing out their backlog of professional and personal projects. Many a times, projects land on this to-do-list because they weren’t of top importance at the time of inception, but they have eventually become critical with time. In the New Year, you can clear out your most critical backlog projects by blocking out at least once a month, even if you have to reserve a weekend for that. This will help you clear out the most critical projects on the list. If finding a new job is your New Year’s resolution, the items with highest priority in your backlog would be related to your job search and career management.

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Stacy Lynn is a career consultant and a HR professional currently working at Resumeshoppe, a service that offers resume templates for Mac. When not working, she enjoys writing blogs on HRM and leadership. Join her on Twitter, Facebook, and Gplus.

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