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A Manager’s Guide to Giving Employee Promotions

A Manager’s Guide to Giving Employee Promotions

Appraisal time is the most awaited time for employees in any organization. While it is important for employees manager guideat all levels, it also holds a lot of importance for employers as it involves evaluating the performance along with promoting the talent in their organizations.

Promoting a staff to the next level is directly proportional to the growth of your company as well as for employee satisfaction. If not done on the correct parameters, it brings in job dissatisfaction, office politics, low productivity, and high attrition rate. Hence, as a manager, you should know which employee deserves to be promoted.

Here’s the guide:

1. Numbers don’t lie

One of the best ways to spot the deserving candidate is to compare the numbers. In other words, quantify the performances of employees working at the same level to distinguish between their performances and find out the performers and non-performers. After all, at the end of the year, the one who is actually working for the company should climb up the career ladder!

2.  Ready to give in extra efforts

All employees work to achieve their targets and move forward in their career. However, the dedicated employees are those who are ready to put in even 1% extra effort to achieve the desired result and prioritize work as per the requirement. These people will never leave their work half done to enjoy their lunch breaks.

3. Focused about career progression

Focused employees not only achieve success in their careers, but also prove useful for the company they work for. Promoting team members who are much clearer about their career advancement helps you to find the future managers of your team. Hence, evaluate the performance of the employees who are focused as well as vocal about their career growth. Several signals can help you recognize such an employee, who pays attention on understanding the promotion process, inquires about the next level, or what is expected from them to reach there.

4. Factors beyond the “numbers”

Your potential employee for promotion may not necessarily know everything, but there a few factors that can allow you to judge the right “promotion material”. These include self-motivated employees who are ready to take initiatives, present quality work, and achieve clients’ positive feedback. In addition, these employees also try to voice solutions for a problem instead of just complaining. Employees who look keen to further their knowledge can prove to the rising stars of your company.

5.  Sharing knowledge with others

Another factor that presents a promising employee is the one who seeks out different opportunities to share knowledge with others. The initiative to recognize the scope of sharing or exchanging ideas and knowledge indicates leadership qualities. So, appreciating such an employee ensures a right decision for the management.

6. Take feedback for continuous improvement

Employees who take feedback seriously to improve their performance are the real assets of your company. This is mainly because not every employee prefers to take feedback voluntarily. Hence, the ones who are serious about understanding their performance, areas of improvement, and what new roles they can take up are the employees who are ready to take up to the higher roles.

Hence, as a manager, it becomes vital to be aware about the people in your team who deserve to move up in order to retain your best talent and avoid job satisfaction among the employees.

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Swati Srivastava is an avid writer with a keen interest on the extensive domain of job search and career counseling. Currently associated with Her articles are published on several reputed career sites. Follow her @TwitterILinkedInIGoogle+.

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