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What Doesn’t Kill Email Makes it Stronger

What Doesn’t Kill Email Makes it Stronger

With so many instantaneous ways of communicating information, email almost seems outdated. Strange to think, isn’t it? Email, which is instantaneous in its  own right, is one of the most outdated kinds of data delivery we use in the business world today. We have social media, we have instant message applications and project management software that allows coworkers to communicate in real time, all without the use of email.

Most experts in the human resources field still believe that email serves a purpose. Whether as a direct line of communication between two people that is effectively archived, or as a means to communicate with a very large group of people at once, email can still serve a great function in the workplace. In fact, many employees believe that they check their email too many times in a day. With mobile mail applications, checking email has become very easy, and is now an even more instantaneous form of communication than it once was.

One way to cut down on the use of email without sacrificing intra-office connectivity is by using management software. Platforms like SharePoint give HR generalists and managers alike a bird’s-eye view of the many projects being undertaken by employees, while also allowing employees to share information with one another and work together in real time. Managers can track the progress of any given project while having the ability to interact with any team member along the way.

Additionally, content libraries can be set up so that employees can access forms, standard operating procedures, calendars and links to external websites. Permissions to all files can be granted or withheld according to an employee’s or manager’s access level. Perhaps a manager wants a group of employees to be able to view, but not manipulate a document. Also possible. Everyone stays organized and saves time by eliminating the need for people to look around for files.

Got an employee whose computer died or contracted a virus? A loaner computer set up with SharePoint will keep your employee easily on task. Got an employee who needs to work from home because of icy conditions or health issues? He or she can access all work files from SharePoint and stay in touch with co-workers in the office. From an HR perspective, it’s an easy solution for employees utilizing ADA accommodations.

This system can even take the place of email in some instances. For example, with many project management applications, you’re still able to attach documents, photographs or videos to a project. All shareholders in the project can see every piece of information they need to in order to complete the project. If the project management software happens to be hosted by a third-party, it even takes a weight off the shoulders of IT departments. The team can focus on getting a project complete without the worry of IT issues arising.

Does project management software mean the death of business email? It isn’t likely. But it may come to pass that as email applications continue to evolve and integrate, we find ourselves spending much less time working with our email and boosting productivity project by project.

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Zack Buckley

Zach Buckley is a freelance writer based in the Midwest. Having graduated from high school in year 2000, he belongs to the millennial generation. Zach holds a bachelor’s degree in history and political science and a master’s degree in communication. He enjoys exploring developing trends in education, technology and culture. When he isn’t reading or writing blogs, he enjoys sampling good music and good food.

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