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Leveraging Collaboration Software for Business Results

Leveraging Collaboration Software for Business Results

Do you know what one thing all the companies out there have in common? They all have employees and they all have problems caused by poor Collaboration Software, Team Collaboration, HR Solutionsorganization. It’s understandable, because when all the tasks are scattered across whiteboards, meetings and post-in notes, emails and Skype sessions companies suffer from such problems as: budget overruns, missed deadlines, priority confusion, poor visibility and so on. Luckily, most of these problems can be solved by implementing workflow collaboration software.

Before we dig into all collaborative benefits of workflow software, let’s make sure we understand what software collaboration is. Primarily, collaboration requires team members working together in a coordinated fashion to achieve common goal. With different approaches to work, different levels of creativity and different knowledge level sometimes it can be hard for a group of people to find the most effective strategy. Collaboration software helps creating more opportunities for communication and allows sticking to the plan through the whole project cycle. This software can help facilitate teams that work together over geographic distances by providing tools for aiding the process of problem solving and establishing productive communication.

Someone might say that they manage perfectly fine without any sort of workflow collaboration solution, and maybe they are.  Have you ever tried to count time spent while going through emails that were marked as “important” just because someone chose not to pick several email recipients and decided to send it to every person on their contact list? How much time does a manager spend explaining the same task to multiple employees over the phone? Being able to have these conversations in one centralized place is so much more effective and saves quite a lot of time, that’s why collaboration software is necessary for any business that deals with project execution on daily basis.

Some solutions, for instance Comindware workflow management system, offer not only a convenient platform for communication and collaboration, that enables subscribing only to those discussions that are relevant to the assignee’s tasks, they also make the process of exchanging documents and sharing files a lot easier. One of the features offer an opportunity to attach files, discussions and comments right to the tasks assigned, which helps to provide employees with up-to-date documentation templates and important information on the project. Here the assignees can discuss projects, come up with common strategy and exchange useful links or media files. Since all the collaboration and communication is carried out within one single system it helps not only saving time, but saving cell phone expenses as well.

Since nowadays most of progressive business solutions are web-based, collaboration software allows keeping all the information in one place, and the best part is that managers and employees can have access to it 24/7, which is especially important for those companies who work with distant teams. This feature is crucial for human resources software since it allows managers not only avoiding unnecessary paperwork but also having a system where all the information on employees is stored in perfect order and can be found with a few clicks.

It’s also important to add that collaboration workflow solutions can sufficiently increase efficiency of team work not only by providing collaborative features, but also by offering process automation, task management and tracking.

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Jannet Sparts

Jannet Sparts is an editor of Online Issues. Jannet writes for several blogs sharing her experience and observations. Ms. Sparts has worked as a project manager in several companies. She has experience with many different PM tools, collaboration programs, including task tracking and human resources software solutions.

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  1. Can’t see when this article was written but I think it’s still relevant. is another suchlike collaborative solution which we have been using for some months. It really has eased up the repetition so happily creativity is taking shape more effectively than it did.


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