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3 Top Tips to a More Stylish Workplace

3 Top Tips to a More Stylish Workplace

You know all there is to know in your field. You’ve got the skills to pay the bills, the charisma of a high clean officeperforming leader and the efficiency of a high intelligence computer. But unless you’ve got a workplace that matches your unique talents, clients won’t come flocking.

First impressions count in business, no matter what your company does. Imagine entering a workplace replete with drab employees, stains on the walls and computers that are still running Windows 98. You’d head for the door faster than a bolt attempting to outrun lightning.

Moreover, a poorly designed office will negatively impact your employees. Instead of the buzzing worker bees you desire, they’ll slump through their day like extras from Night of the Living Dead.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few ways to inject some pizzazz into your workplace – and steer your profits in the right direction.

Hygiene know-how

Everyone has entered a disgusting washroom at some point in his or her life. Browning toilet bowls, lime scale-ridden sinks and hand dryers that wheeze like an old man. Imagine you were met by this sight midway through a meeting. You’d feel icky for the rest of your day.

Again, a poor washroom could impact your staff just as much as your clients. Germs will spread like wildfire if left unchecked, leading to an increase in sick days and, in turn, a marked decrease in productivity.

If your toilets are looking tatty, get in touch with a professional washroom services company that will spruce the place up. The cream of the crop will overhaul your washroom to modern-day expectations and raise your hygiene standards.

After all, no one wants to shake hands with a client who’s just emerged from a swamp.

Painterly street cred

Are your walls little more than a blank slate of boredom? Do they enamour no one apart from lobotomy patients? Then it’s time to shape up.

Invest in high-quality art that will fire your employees’ synapses. Not middle of the road pieces either, the type of paintings that would barely stimulate someone with ADHD.

Find art that that appeals to you, whether it’s a stellar classic or a cheap and cheerful doodle. The enthusiasm you show towards your collection will, hopefully, trickle down to your staff, keeping them bright and breezy through their nine-to-five.

The DIY look

Trust and cooperation between managers and staff is the foundation for success in any business, so why not make it a part of your interior design aesthetic?

Encourage your workers to make suggestions on how they feel their office should look. If you’ve got any budding artists in your midst, you could even commission a painting from them. With this added ingredient to their workplace, your employees will feel like they’re truly contributing.