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New Trends in Workplace Wellness Programs

New Trends in Workplace Wellness Programs

In today’s world of global connectivity, the term workplace has been redefined. The advent of the internet has allowed the offices to transcend physical boundaries and beat the clock. Round the clock functionality of businesses is a common thing now. Office-life has become increasingly competitive, taking its toll on the employees and employers alike. This evolution of the work culture has caused numerous studies to be led on the work-life balance. The results reveal a marked correlation between the well-being of the workers and the profitability of the companies.

The logic is easy enough to understand: happy and healthy workers mean productive workers. The hard bit is implementing the practices that keep the employees satisfied in an effective manner. Let us evaluate some of the recent developments seen in the workplace wellness programs carried out by various organizations.


Cursing bosses, harassed workers, fast-descending deadlines, impending doom are some of the stereotypical high pressure job scenarios as depicted by the media. Although this may still be the norm for some of the more cutthroat professions, a vast majority of the more progressive businesses strays far away from this model. These days it is all about flexible workload management and work from home opportunities. Employees like to feel in control of their own work schedule and the owners are obliging. Why shouldn’t they, when it not only increases the company’s productivity and minimizes the stress for everybody involved.


Increasingly, companies are offering their employees to be able to retain their jobs even when they have to relocate. Admittedly, this can only be possible for big businesses with operations in multiple locations it is still a welcome trend. Often it happens that workers have to choose between being near loved ones in need and their jobs. More and more companies are making this choice easier for their workers and providing a solution to this conundrum. In some places, the staff has taken the initiative to pool their unused vacation hours together, and set up ’Hours Donation’ for their colleagues in need.


Studies find that people involved in volunteer activities tend to be happier and overall more satisfied with their lives than people who don’t. Volunteering promotes a sense of self-worth in a person, leading to happiness. Employees around the world armed with this knowledge, now encourage corporate causes and staff-run charity and fund raising programs giving a chance to their employees to give back to the society.


A healthy workforce leads to fewer sick days, lower health insurance expenses and yields higher efficiency. Companies find their investment in workplace wellness programs reaping major returns in terms of profitability. So it has become fairly common to see office-sponsored wearable technology being used by the employees to track their daily fitness goals. Some of the companies are taking advantage of the competitive streak of their employees to get them excited about sharing their fitness goals and health regimes. Some are even offering incentives such as Gift cards and bonuses and in one case, a sponsored vacation, to encourage the staff to be fitter.


All talk of being fit and maintaining healthy routines comes to an end when it is time for a snack break. A lot of resolutions are broken when it is time for the midday coffee accompanied by sugar loaded snacks. To overcome this problem, smart workplaces are exchanging those high-carb treats with healthier alternatives. Another trend witnessed is that the employees are being encouraged to take breaks from their work and stretch their legs to negate the effects of sitting all day. Some bosses even insist that the staff makes regular trips to the in-office gym to stay agile.

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Sharp Edward is a major in HR management. He frequently contributes as a guest writer at Dissertation Help | Dissertation Time. He functions as a writer; his areas of interest include corporate wellness and employee engagement.

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