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When the Going Gets Tough…

When the Going Gets Tough…

...and Keeps on Getting Tough.Tough, Business, Innovation

This post is not about politics- it’s about business. 

No matter how the election turned out Tuesday, there was going to be a response in the markets and several astute experts were predicting that it was not going to be an uptick.

Markets react to uncertainty; stock markets as well as consumer markets. Prices fluctuate based on emotion as well as rationale. The greater the uncertainty, the greater the volatility.

What can you do about it?

As a small business person or entrepreneur, there is a lot you can’t do!

  • You can’t alter global economic forces
  • You can’t change the tax system
  • You can’t print money to cover your increased expenses

There is something you shouldn’t do: NOTHING! Too many people are simply accepting current conditions and circumstances. Others are waiting for saviors…or government assistance.

“If you do nothing…nothing will happen. Guaranteed.”

But there is a lot you can do…

  • You can innovate new market needs and niches
  • You can develop new products and services
  • You can focus on training and professional development
  • You can fortify organization culture

How? Through training…continual, consistent and persistent training.

Fortunes are made in difficult economic times. The entrepreneurs who create those fortunes are those who remain focused and disciplined. They persevere when others are throwing in the towel. They continue to perfect their talents and abilities and find ways to adapt their skills to embrace new opportunities.


But…that takes training.

Some people lack discipline, focus and perseverance. It’s understandable that others have had their confidence shaken through difficult financial and business challenges.

You can improve in any and all of these key mindset areas. There is no better time to develop these characteristics than when you are most challenged. Adversity provides the greatest opportunity to improve and innovate.

“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” ~Bill Gates

You know all the cliches…

“When the going gets tough…”

“The champion isn’t the guy who never gets knocked down, he’s the guy who…”

How do these tough people get through the tough times? Training…

Prepare yourself to meet adversity and prepare for it. Dedicate yourself to continual self-perfection in good times and bad. Decide you will never accept defeat.

Everyone faces adversity at some time. Perseverance is what separates the winners from the losers. Train yourself to persevere.

“Knocked down seven times? Get up eight!”

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Martial arts transformed Jim’s self-perception from former drug abuser and failure to successful entrepreneur and Black Belt. As a speaker and author of Amazon bestseller Think Like a Black Belt, Jim tours nationally presenting his philosophy of Black Belt Mindset for corporate and conference audiences. He’s a regular guest on TV and radio programs including FOX News, BBC Worldview and FOX Across America.

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