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Speak well! A Quality All Great Leaders Possess

Speak well! A Quality All Great Leaders Possess

Leaders often have to use public speaking as a way of getting their points across to others. Some famous leaders have also been outstanding public speakers, such as John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, and Martin Luther King, Jr. However, the qualities that make someone a good leader are not always the same as the qualities that make them an excellent public speaker.

As a leader, you might benefit from being driven, assertive, focused, and willing to take chances. As a speaker, your goals are different, and your primary focus needs to be on serving the needs of your audience. You need to communicate well in order to share the vision, inspiration, or information that they need. As a speaker, here are some leadership qualities that you need to have.

public speaking effectiveness


Your speaking engagement is a chance to perform. You won't be very effective if you speak in a quiet monotone. You need to make your speech come alive, so that it is both verbally and visually compelling. You need to give it enough energy and vitality that it holds people's interest, making them want to hear more. Entice your audience with your vivacious personality; let them see you, meet you, and admire you.

Concern for the audience's needs

The speech isn't about you, it's about your audience. Don't be thinking about yourself, or how many books you can sell. Concentrate your efforts on how you can help your audience. The more you can focus on the audience and what they need, the better speaker you will be. Public speakers should care for their audience. Search for smart ways to entertain first; then, think about persuading them.


People have to trust you in order to believe you, and want to hear what you say. If they don't trust you, then the value of your speech is lost. You need to demonstrate both honesty and integrity. If you are giving your audience advice, make sure that you are following that advice yourself, too.

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Great public speakers are able to establish a real connection with members of their audience. The way to do this is by understanding them and their needs, and having empathy for the problems they are facing. If you can understand people's hopes and fears, pains and desires, and bring this out in your speech, your audience will connect with you better, and your speech will be far more powerful. Share a story and connect to your audience; let them sense your vulnerabilities and it will certainly be easier for them to connect to what you're saying.


This is another way that an audience can relate to you as a person. They don't want somebody who is perfect, they want to see somebody who is like them. If you seem like a real person, not a paragon of perfection, they will be far more likely to identify with you, and accept what you are saying.


Adding some laughter to any event makes people see it more positively. Using humor in your speeches can lighten up the tone, and put people in a more receptive frame of mind. You don't need to do stand-up comedy, just inject some humorous anecdotes or observations into your presentation. Public speaking doesn't always have to be about sharing the most dramatic stories; to make people feel comfortable in your presence, sprinkling some funny facts here and there will help you gain their trust.

communication effectiveness


This is a balancing act. On one hand, you need to appear confident in what you are saying, and certain of the information that you are providing. On the other hand, you don't want to seem arrogant or out of touch with the audience. Just remember that you are here to serve them. Their needs are your highest concern.

Every great leader should be able to speak well in public. An accurate speech makes them reliable and dependable. An audience should look up to their leaders, and this is particularly important in the business world. However, if can’t master this art just yet, conference speakers can help. Listen to them, check their websites and online tutorials, and get inspired. Assess their personal styles and use that to craft your own public speech.


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The article is being authored by a freelance writer and entrepreneur Christopher Austin. He is very much interested in writing about motivational speaking, entrepreneurship and small businesses. He writes for the site London Speaker Bureau where you can get top class speakers for your business.

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