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Join us for the journey of achieving more.

If you feel stalled in getting traction on achieving results in your business we understand. We've been there. We have worked in corporate America, different coaching, HR, HR Solutionsindustries and even in small businesses. You've attended all the seminars, listened to all the webinars and read all the books. But achieving results through your workforce seems flat like a tire with a nail.

Introducing results based coaching that will help you and your business shine!

We specialize in topics such as:

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Assess and refine processes and methods of critical operations.
  • Analyze staffing needs and restructure positions, focusing on effective job matches and utilizing positions consistent with their classification and grade level, thereby leveraging human resources in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.
  • Examine, target, and redesign organizational processes to become more responsive and efficient.
  • Establish a business case, plan and implement a shared service model.  Read our published article, "Shared Service Center Implementation: 10 Keys for Success."

Change Management

  • Define, plan and execute strategic organizational change.
  • Manage organizational transformations including restructurings, recruitment, layoffs, consolidations and acquisitions.
  • Align departmental initiatives with organizational vision and mission.

Performance and Development Management         

  • Assessing and developing competencies and behaviors necessary to be successful.
  • Provide performance-based training and/or coaching to maximize contributions.
  • Perform "gap analyses" by identifying current skills/abilities and future needs.
  • Develop strategies to close performance gaps.
  • Establish a succession and development plan.

Leadership Development

  • Instill the value of innovative leadership.
  • Teach conflict resolution skills to help leaders resolve and mediate conflict, as well as help leaders recognize the potential for conflict before it arises.

Strategic Planning

  • Facilitate the creation of a vision, mission and objectives.
  • Analyze the current and ideal state to help establish direction for the future

Internal Communications

To ensure that employees are aligned with your business direction, we can help set you on solid ground by:

  • Implementing strong communications’ programs including employee handbooks, policy and procedure manuals and training manuals;
  • Developing company newsletters and websites;
  • Establishing and implementing a communication plan and campaign for special occasions or crisis management needs.

Promote Your Business or Brand

If you are looking to build your business we can help you.

HR C-Suite attracts nearly 5,000 visitors per month. Our audience is CHRO’s, VP of HR, Directors and C-Suite members.

Write to us to find out about developing a partnership webinars, audio or virtual conferences or publishing projects.

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