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How Correctly Adding Your Skills to Your Resume can Grab You the Job?

How Correctly Adding Your Skills to Your Resume can Grab You the Job?

If you do not know how to list your skills down, your resume would not be impressive. Most of the job seekers believe listing their duties is the skills they have. This is not the case. These are how descriptions look like:

  • Proficient in excel, outlook and excel
  • Ability to repair and troubleshoot coax, fiber, RJ45

The duties might be impressive and you must be one of the best they have in the field. What the list does not tell the employer is why you fit and why should you be offered the job. Just having the right skills does not solve the problem. It is how you put them in your formatted resume to tell the employer that you fit. There can be two people having the same education and training but different career paths due to the implementation of what they have learned.

The Resume Goals

The ultimate goal of a resume is to make it clear that how can you be the problem solver for the problems that the potential employers are facing. If your resume can give the employer a glimpse that you have the solution to their problem, you are definitely going to grab the interview. Just remember that your key goal is to answer the basic question every potential employer has in mind “How can you fix things for me?”

The Key to Make Your Problem Solving Skills Clear

The key to make your resume as a perfect fit for the job is by telling a continuous story through different sections of your resume. Otherwise your resume looks like narrative and disjointed. It should be a good story with proper beginning, middle and end.

How Should You Be Putting Your Skills?

Talking about the relevance of resume and further the importance of skills in them, here is how you can put your skills efficiently.

  1. Pick a Theme

When you start writing your resume, the first step is to identify the role you want to target. What does the role requires and how can you bucket your current skills to broad categories that suits the role. For example if you are able to bucket your duties into five broad categories, think of the top two that fits in the role perfectly.

Next, your career summary should begin hinting the skills that you have shortlisted among the broad 5 categories.

  1. Reflect Expertise Through Your Skills

Once you have the theme and are done with the summary section, you now come to the skills section. Remember that your skills section is the most important part of the story you are telling through your resume. When you are building this story, know your audience.

Also, keep a focus on your strengths that will give you an edge and help you achieve what you are aiming for.

Try putting a skill that brings you to notice in your field, so that hiring manager knows you just do not have the skills but also sufficient knowledge about the industry.

  1. Show that Your Skills are Advantageous

Your skills must have the ability to explain the advantages that the employer will have by hiring you. You have to describe the results of the skills that you possess in the “Work Experience Section”. In other words, you need to quantify everything.

Better customer ratings, achieved targets, more profits, more customers, anything that has impacted the business in a positive way should be included in your resume.

Since, the time spent on a single resume is less than 10 seconds, the recruiter will not go in depth to find your worth. You will have to polish your resume and show the potential employer that you are worth it.

Try and make a connection by placing each block carefully and giving an extra mile to your resume. It is your story that you are putting through your resume. Make sure it is the best.

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Akansha Arora is a professional writer and blogger who loves to pen down her views on a number of topics related to career advice, resume writing and job search helps a reader. She writes keeping in mind the current scenarios and wishes to keep her readers well informed. You can follow her on

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