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How to Evaluate Recruiting Software

How to Evaluate Recruiting Software

In a digital world importance of Recruitment Solutions is immense. It gives your HR the power to streamline the hiring process. A company is as good as your employees are and that’s your strength and the possible weakness. The Benefits Recruitment Software will provide is, it will give you a possible way out. But, just keep in mind that the technology can analyze the solution and show you the way only, it cannot solve your problem that needs human interference and interpretation of the analytics. The same solution can give a company boost and fail in another only for proper evaluation method or courage to take the decision.

Taking Unbiased Decision

The Features of HR Recruitment Software can give you an indication of the outcome of your recruitment matrix.

  • If the analytics show a very high level of attrition under one manager, then the manager has some inherent problem handling the man power,
  • The process will demand a course correction. That is you have to shift the person to some other suitable position or ask him to correct the manpower handling technique
  • If the HR fails to act in this line, then the software has no utility
  • Therefore, the basic tenet of selecting a suitable recruitment solution is to find out what you need and why
  • You must talk to the all other stakeholders to get a clear idea of your requirement
  • The best way to do this is to involve the persons involved in the recruitment process and also the personnel who will engage the service of the recruited

Understand your Limit

The market is abuzz with numerous Recruitment Technologies.

  • The solutions offered will look like it can render the job of HR redundant, but the technology itself is not everything, you have seen that
  • So, don’t run for the best or the most expensive one, instead, reach for a solution that will serve your purpose.
  • Once you have zeroes on your requirement, you can ask for the RFI which is your request to the vendor for information
  • In your RFI clearly mention your requirements that you have reached after discussion with the stakeholders
  • Now, with this tool compare the responses and if required keep the HR people in the loop and select a few by the standard fixed by you.
  • Ask for the demo and assess the performance of the software and then take the decision.

Purpose of Recruitment Software

The aim of the Recruitment Management Software or RMS is many

  • The RMS will help you to identify the candidate automatically
  • It will automatically screen the candidates, schedule their interview and evaluate
  • It has the capability of background checking like the credit scores of the candidates and
  • Once the candidate is selected transfer the data to payroll module seamlessly
  • RMS is an application suite, and it has many features it can post the job and capture the key data set from the resumes posted in the portal like name of the candidate, skill sets, qualification and much more and retain and update the data
  • It is capable of doing the analytics like the time taken to fill the vacancy and also evaluate the cost of hiring. It will also post you with the updates like the turnover ratio from different sources
  • You can get is as a standalone service or web based
  • The RMS Evaluation will help you to monitor different key functionalities of the HR operation

Different Recruitment Solutions

The Recruitment Software Evaluation is a complicated process. Therefore, careful evaluation is required. First of all you need to know how secure your database is. It must be CRM compatible that is help you to maintain a customer relationship management. The customer may be the providers of Recruitment Services or may be the candidate itself. Next to know how long is the implementation time and the whether the software can be easily customized or not. The user friendliness is another aspect that needs assessment and, of course, the cost is the decisive factor.

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