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5 Surefire Ways Of Recruiting On Twitter

5 Surefire Ways Of Recruiting On Twitter

Recruiting these days requires a finer touch than simply putting out a job advert. Top talent needs to be sought out and headhunted, before your rivals get there first. Social media offers plenty of opportunities, and Twitter is no exception. Use these techniques to be sure of finding the talent that you are looking for.

  1. FollowerWonk searches

If you want to find the right people easily, you will need a bit more tech on your side. FollowerWonk is a site that allows you to search Twitter bios, and as it is free to use, it is ideal for this situation. In order to use this technique, log in to the dashboard and set up the search parameters using keywords related to your job position. You can also use the location field as a search tool to ensure that you only find people in the right area. You can use Boolean operators to refine your search, and you should be able to find the best talent this way.

  1. Twitter post searches

You can also search posts on Twitter directly, right through the site or app. Use the search bar at the top of the screen to enter a term related to your industry. For example, if you were looking to recruit a new HR professional, you might use terms like “hiring”, “recruiting”, “personnel management”, or so forth. These are the terms that professionals in the role already might be talking about regularly. From the results, you can take a look at the person’s profile and find out more about them.

  1. Create a recruitment page

Be sure to use your own company Twitter account wisely. You may even wish to set up a separate account for recruiting. Personalise it with your company logo, details about the company, and information about your available positions. But don’t just leave it there. Add in posts that tell talent about your company values and culture, and what your employees get up to. This will help potential future employees to see that yours is a company that they would like to work for. When you reach out to them about potential roles, it also helps them to get all of the information that they need quickly and in the same place.

  1. Engage with talent

You can also use your recruitment page to engage with talent. Keep a close eye on your notifications and never ignore anything that comes in. When Twitter users talk to you, make sure to talk back – and listen to the community in general. Follow the people who are using the right terms and hashtags that apply to your industry and you will start to build a following of your own. You can even reply to comments that you read which aren’t directed at you – such as someone bemoaning their unsuccessful job search or talking about how they are looking for a new challenge.

  1. Be a source of news

You can also grow your following and your exposure by tweeting news about the industry which will be relevant to those who want to be employed by you. This gives you an extra source of content so that you are not always tweeting about jobs, and also gives people more of a reason to interact with you. If you are known as a source for news, more people will be paying attention when you post a job – and they will know that you are an expert in your field.

Social media is a key tool for recruiting in the current marketplace. Just make sure to use it wisely!


Kate Thora is a Senior Content Specialist for, an online resource with information about businesses worldwide. Whenever not working, she likes to catch up with the latest business trends on her favourite industry blogs.
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Tresha D. Moreland, MBA, MS, FACHE, SPHR, SSBBP, founder of HR C-Suite, is an HR thought leader in Human Resource Strategic Management. She has held key human resource leadership roles for over 20 years in multiple industries most recently a senior vice president in the healthcare industry. Tresha is the founder and publisher of HR C-Suite ( HR C-Suite is a game changer results-based HR strategy website. It is a first-of-it's-kind site that organizes HR strategy based on desired business result. She has developed a business philosophy of integrating human resources with business strategy, thus creating a hybrid HR leadership approach. This approach enables the leveraging human resources to achieve business results.

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