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The Fundamentals of A Deeply Embedded Recognition Culture

The Fundamentals of A Deeply Embedded Recognition Culture

The theory behind recognition culture in the workplace dictates that employees who are publicly lauded and rewarded for exceptional focus and accomplishment in their daily tasks enjoy an enhanced professional experience. In a deeply embedded recognition culture the acclaimed employee develops a strong bond of trust and understanding in their relationship with the employer. The theory is sound because it acknowledges the innate human instinct of survival in a reality that demands hard work for a healthy harvest. The result is a focused workforce synergistically thriving from the success of your company.

The Basics of A Deeply Embedded Recognition Culture

A company’s recognition culture is deeply embedded when it has become a daily part of each employee’s professional experience. Motivation, inspiration, trust and company loyalty from your workforce is the fruit of a deeply embedded recognition culture.

  • A Transparent Recognition Policy will nurture fairness within the recognition process and serve to dismiss notions of favoritism between employees. The criteria for any rewards that may be offered should be clearly stated and accessible.
  • Develop A Realistic Strategy for measuring the success of an implemented recognition policy. Apply data acquired from workflow monitoring, and compare/contrast both each individual's performance before and after recognition. The performance of co-workers in respects to their peers being rewarded also yields valuable data for determining the level of policy integration into the workplace culture.
  • The Manager’s Role is pivotal to the success and quality of a recognition culture. A focused workforce requires direction, and direction in the workplace means interpersonal relationships. Trust is a vital element of a deeply embedded recognition culture. When an employee understands that the quality of the reward will match the proficiency of the work, they will become more profoundly invested in your company.
  • Tangible Rewards are an excellent way for a company to display its professionalism and deep regard for their key employees. A recognized member of your workforce will draw inspiration and renewed vigor from a physical monument to their hard work. Tangible rewards can serve as a point of focus for other employees seeking to further their position and regard within the company.
  • Adaptability has never been as precarious a necessity in the workplace as it is this day in age. Company priorities change as quickly as the trends that guide the world’s economies change. Similar trends affect every workplace culture as the needs and desires of each employee grow and adapt. Recognition must remain feasible for the company and desirable for the employee for the policy to work.

A deeply embedded recognition culture imbues its company with dynamic employees who will seek out opportunities to enhance productivity, and their own success. A recognition culture can be temperamental and ripe with ill sentiments when not adequately presented and monitored. Communication, vision and adaptability are key fundamentals for deeply embedding a recognition culture into your company’s workplace.

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