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Applicant Flow: Where are the Qualified Candidates?

Applicant Flow: Where are the Qualified Candidates?

Many employers believe that they are receiving too many applications, which results in frustration for many. Medical Sales headhunters tend to searching for good applicantsfeel this way for many reasons, with one of them being that additional screening of potential employees would only stress out sales recruiters even more and add to their work. Another reason for this frustration is because these organizations have already or are currently hiring people to fill these positions.  A final reason is that many employers are not sure what types of candidates are applying during these times.  In order to solve this problem, organizations are making applications longer and more difficult in hopes that it will deter people from applying.  This, however, leads to many problems which will be discussed in this article.

Many Qualified Sales for the Job Opening One of the most important reasons why deterring people from applying to an organization is not a good idea is because there are many qualified sales people that would be great for the job.  Another reason is because many sales recruiters are not considering that the candidate in question could be good for more than one position, not just the one that they are applying for.  A third reason is that you might not be maximizing your ability to find the best candidates possible.  Deterring people from applying for a particular position is simply further eliminating a potential good employee from a company.

I will now go into some of the biggest problems in reviewing resumes and some potential solutions:

  • The first issue is that automated screening is highly ineffective.  While automated screening can give you a general idea of the candidate you are working with, many people do not know how to effectively use this tool which could throw off the ‘results’.  A solution to this would be to find out what the ATS can do in terms of screening.  The most important thing to do is to learn how and what to screen for.
  • Another issue involves making sure that not just the right number of candidates make it through the screening process, but rather that the right candidates make it through.  A solution to this is to make sure to put the right questions and steps in the screening process that qualify candidates.
  • One major issue to keep track of is the idea that many employers do not know how many people are dropping out of their recruitment process.  This tends to waste time, both for the organization and those candidates that are in the recruitment process.  The solution to this involves collecting real time recruiting metrics.  Another idea is to use dual purpose job ads that capture contacts, which enables you to use this information in future job campaigns.

As you can see, there are many areas that organizations could improve upon to make the hiring process more efficient and to find more qualified talent.  While sales resumes tend to vary, considering the value that a candidate has should be worth trying new methods to optimize the search.

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Catalino Calacar is a professional blogger and guest poster for how many years and already contributed articles on several niches. He loves to share his ideas/knowledge in sales recruiters, choosing the right employee and screening process that is important in recruitment agency.

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