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Designing the Candidate Experience

Designing the Candidate Experience

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The quest to engage, motivate, and reward employees is an ongoing focus for employers and the reward is elusive. While employers are in an all out push to engage employees, many overlook one very important detail – The candidate experience.

The candidate experience stage is often overlooked. Candidates are taken for granted. They are forced to fill out long application forms, wrangle with the never-ending password/forgot password loop, and go through multiple hoops of an interview process — all just to not hear anything back.

However, times have changed. Those businesses that are savvy enough to see a critical market shift are adopting better ways to facilitate the candidate experience.


Inside this e-book:

  • Why is the candidate experience important?
  • 5 tips for improving the candidate experience
  • Metrics for monitoring and improving the candidate experience
  • Candidate Experience Audit Checklist

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