Competitive Advantage Strategy Guide

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Whether you hear it from the rumor mill or from your boss, the news of a competitor moving to the area, whether physically or virtually, might feel a little unsettling. How will your customers respond? How will this impact your company’s profit margin? While these are important questions, there are others to ask.

When a competitor moves into your market not only are they vying for your customers but also for your talent. Human Resources must be part of the competitive advantage strategy, every much as other functional areas of the business.

Download this resource that will help you establish a plan for leveraging human resources for a competitive advantage.


Chapter 1: Protecting Proprietary Information

Chapter 2: Engaging and Aligning Employees

Chapter 3: How Engaged Are Your Leaders?

Chapter 4: Cultural Readiness

Chapter 5: Talent Management Systems

This also includes these bonus tools!

  • Workforce Competitive Analysis Tool
  • Sample Alignment Strategy Map
  • 5 Competitive Intelligent Recruiting Strategies

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