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How to Hire and Retain the Best Graduates?

How to Hire and Retain the Best Graduates?

The economic attractiveness of the best graduates always caused a hot pursuit of executive recruiters over such employees. But why some companies would bargain for a recent college or university student in the first place whereas an experienced candidate could be considered as a stand-by player? The answer is covered in these benefits from hiring a graduate.

  1. Graduates are quick learners and demonstrate higher productivity.
  2. They have fresh ideas and can tackle multiple tasks easier.
  3. Such a candidate is a social media and new technologies savvy.
  4. These employees can adapt to changes and new environment faster.
  5. Graduates have amazing passion and willing to overwork.

This isn’t a full list of reasons why you should hire a graduate for one of your positions this year. Yet the main purpose of the article is to give you 3 ways how you can employ and retain the best grads. So, let’s get started!

  • Begin Hiring Your Future Employees Before They Graduate

It’s not that easy to detect the best graduates for your company especially with Gen Z generation that is hard to reach with traditional recruitment. By traditional I mean job boards and on campus work which includes setting connections with some student clubs, groups, and associations. I do not claim that this kind of approach is useless but if you want to make friends with the right student organizations, do not make a random choice or use intrusive methods. Most likely your promotional efforts will be ignored. So, I do recommend to use some perks which you can provide for a chosen organization.

Another traditional approach is the campus fair yet you can attract more visitors to it using not only posters in the campus but social media networks to connect with your future candidates. And finally, the most influential approach is to make your career pages mobile friendly because Gen Y and Z graduates prefer mobile apps and proficient networking websites.

  • Establish an Internship Program to Pick Out and Retain the Best Candidates

An internship program is the best option to choose and train a full-time employee with a fresh mind and look at any issue. And according to the recent survey 67.7% of interns got full-time positions after their successful internship. This is also called the hands-on experience which allows both an employer and a candidate to get to know each other and test the student’s skills and his or her tenure. With its help, you can both pick out the best candidates for your company and also retain the best graduates getting them through a kind of test-drive for a particular position. Moreover, the same survey reports that 40% of employers managed to retain their employees from the intern programs for a 5-year period. Besides, it is just another perfect promotional move. I mean when a college graduate spends his extracurricular hours in your company, he’ll certainly share his impressions with other students. Thus, one student on the intern spot can bring you some even more qualified employees recommending your company to other students on their campus.

  • Provide Benefits Important for Gen Y and Gen Z Employees

The graduates of this year or previous years belong to certain generation types. They are either Millennials born between 1977 and 1994 or Generation Z between 1995 and 2015. People of such generations make the biggest population of 71 + 21 million and have the hugest purchasing power these days. Which is why hiring Gen Y or Z employee would be a huge perspective for your company because you’ll be able to connect with the same audience easier having at your disposal the same mindset and buying behavior. So, what benefits could attract and retain Gen Y and Z graduates?

  • Flexible hours and schedules to balance their work and private lives.
  • The absence of strict dressing code to express their personal styles.
  • Challenging and dynamic work to be highly competitive.
  • Corporate programs that help them serve the community.
  • Competitive wages to pay for their student loans.
  • Recognition from the company and professional growth options.
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Veronica Hunt is an edtech expert and an experienced blogger from Philadelphia, PA. As a blogger, Veronica sees her purpose in providing her readers with up-to-date info in the spheres of marketing, employment and psychology. Currently, works for StudentShare as a content writer. Apart from work, Veronica adores travelling and yoga.

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