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Motivational Speaking: The Art & Business Behind It

Motivational Speaking: The Art & Business Behind It

What is a motivational speaker? Should I believe the claims? Motivational speakers are individuals whose sole intent is to inspire speakingtheir audience. They use real-life examples to stir people’s imagination and they’re not afraid to talk about the mistakes they had to make to achieve success. Can motivational speaking allure HR executives? A job in the human resources domain can be nerve-raking. Dealing with tons of paperwork, building a competent team, organizing trainings, constantly being updated with market modifications are all devastating endeavors that can seriously affect your personality.

How much can a human being take before he breaks down? Is your job making you feel undervalued? Do you feel like nothing can motivate you anymore?

Advice from top motivational speakers

Famous speakers like Les Brown, Wayne Dyer, and Suze Orman have been inspiring people with their books, seminars, videos, and speeches for years now. Whether they talk about themselves and their experiences, or about the difficulties they have to overcome to attain success, one thing’s for sure: they rely on truthful facts to impress their audience. Dyer says that the way people treat other people is their karma, but the way you react is yours. The message he’s trying to send out in each one of his 30 books is focused on motivation. People often fail to succeed (in business, personal life, etc) because they’re not motivated enough.

Is your HR position satisfying? Does it allow you to develop and grow from a professional point of view? Speaking from the heart is a motivational speaker’s main weapon of attack. If you’re not being honest with your audience, you’re not being honest with yourself.


Basic ingredients included in the art of motivational speaking

The art & business of motivational speaking features some important ingredients we can’t live out. For example, some people would rather approach matters directly whereas others will use their personality to convey a message. Humor is a critical part of motivational speaking, and although the issues discussed are serious and often extremely delicate, sometimes it’s good to cool off the atmosphere with a couple of good jokes.

A skilled speaker has the power to lure listeners with zeal and verve. So if your position as an HR executive is pushing your buttons, motivational speaking can help you deal with all that anxiety. Speaking in public is art – it’s not a natural born trait and it can be learned. You just need to leave you emotions at home if you want to succeed.

Human resources executives are often overwhelmed with the amount of work they must deal with on a daily basis. Some of them can’t showcase their authority, can’t manage projects, and can’t control their teams. The good news is motivational speaking can help people deal with all those concerns. A leading position in a company doesn’t mean you’re a good leader – for that to happen you need to acquire work experience.

Motivation drives success

When people are happy and motivated with their lives, they’re headed towards crafting a brighter future for themselves. It’s a well-known fact that applies to everyone. The newest trend in the business word is for CEOs to hire motivational speakers to boost their workforce and make people do their jobs with excitement and drive.


Motivational speaking has the power to bring dramatic changes to employee morale. It focuses on displaying one’s ideas with conviction and belief, thus convincing an audience to start trusting their own abilities. Famous speakers have a specific effect on their listeners. They’re spontaneous, they don’t plan their speeches, and they know exactly what answers to give to sudden questions. What makes them so good? - Their experience in the field, their drive to do something good, and their determination to convince their audience to make a change.

Motivational speaking is considered an art because of the effect it can have on people’s perceptions. It’s definitely influential; companies of all kinds and renowned enterprises are starting to realize how important it is to boost employee performance. The glue of your company is your HR department. If executives are not motivated enough to do their jobs right, the whole chain breaks and the hard work of everyone else might go down the drain.


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The article is being authored by a freelance writer and entrepreneur Christopher Austin. He is very much interested in writing about motivational speaking, entrepreneurship and small businesses. He writes for the site London Speaker Bureau where you can get top class speakers for your business.

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