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Best Business Secrets: How to Help Your Employees Maximize Their Time

Best Business Secrets: How to Help Your Employees Maximize Their Time

There's nothing quite like coming to work and knowing that your employees are a conspicuously happy, productive group of people. If you want to facilitate this outcome, it's important to know that helping your employees maximize their use of time can help you do so. Below you will find just four of many strategies you can implement to ensure that your staff members can make more effective use of their time:

Encourage Employees to Take Breaks

As noted in "5 Ways to Make Your Employees Happier and More Productive," encouraging employees to take more breaks is important. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that doing so helps prevent burnout. Additionally, breaks can help fuel productivity and creativity by providing employees with a forum in which to exchange ideas with coworkers while also refueling their minds and bodies with food. This all translates into employees maximizing their use of time because they will have more energy and problem-solving ability. There are several ways you can create a break-friendly environment, and one is by keeping your breakroom stocked with delicious, nutritious snacks and stellar coffee options.

Provide Them with Cloud Products and Services

This may be the most effective way to help employees maximize their time. Because cloud products enable employees to complete assignments from any location where they have internet access, the use of this type of software enables your staff to work on projects from the comfort and privacy of their home. Within this environment, employees are oftentimes able to make better use of their time because they are not harrowed and hounded by office distractions.

Try Hot Desking

Another great strategy you can implement for the purpose of maximizing your time is hot desking. Hot desking is a business organizational system in which multiple employees use one central work station during different periods of time. Hot desking can help employees work more effectively for at least two reasons. First, this methodology tends to produce environments in which there are few people present during the employee's work period. Second, hot desking can be used so that individuals who are completing a group project can meet together rather than remaining scattered within the traditional commercial setting. This can help reduce distractions while optimizing the worker's ability to concentrate on her or his assignments. To optimize your use of this strategy, consider the value of investing in hot desk booking software, such as Add-On, that will help your employees to schedule workspace. This is especially important if you work in an environment with limited space.

Optimize Your Meetings

One final strategy you can implement to help your employees maximize their time is optimizing your meetings. In many cases, meetings are poorly structured, vacuous, and time-consuming. When this is the case, meetings are a waste of time that detract from the employee's ability to get things done. With this reality in mind, think about ways that you can make your meetings shorter and more actionable. Also consider the value of using meetings as a forum through which employees can express their concerns and provide you with input regarding what changes need to be implemented so they can complete assignments quickly and correctly.

If you are deeply committed to the success of your business as well as the personal and professional development of your employees, helping staff members make the most of their time is imperative. You can use some or all of the techniques outlined above to ensure that your employees can start making greater use of their time immediately.


Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake. For your hot-desking software needs, Hannah recommends Add-On.

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