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Andy Horner Inspirational Style: Change Your Thinking & Success

Andy Horner Inspirational Style: Change Your Thinking & Success

People who have never heard of Andy Horner should know that he is the CEO of “Ace of Sales”, a husband, and also a great father. Being such a Andy Horner, Inspiration, Productivitysuccessful person, he definitely has a long list of goals, but you will be surprised to find out that his resolutions list is actually non-existent. Andy Horner has discovered the perfect recipe that turns goals into achievements and his inspirational style is meant to help people improve their life sooner than expected.

First of all, he advises people to stop making New Year’s Resolutions and replace them with New Year’s Kickstarts. This actually means that your year should start with a great success story achieved by quickly creating one of the turnaround projects that you’ve been avoiding. This project can be a mini-business, a blog, website, newsletter, or even a webinar or a presentation. Stop thinking that you’ll fail and do everything you can to succeed!

Think of it as your spark plug

Regardless of the project type you’re trying to engage in, it should be only a piece of the strategy puzzle you’ll achieve this year.

Difficulty: Hard

Nobody said that starting a new project is as easy as pie, especially in business. That’s why you should think of something that will push you into achieving your dreams. However, avoid accepting un-accomplishable challenges, as the last thing you want is to turn your Kickstart into a big frustration.

Time Period: 2 Weeks

Your project has to be something that can be put into practice quickly. This is one of the reasons why many New Year’s Resolutions turn out to be pointless, because people cannot commit to achieve their goals if their achievement takes too long (like losing weight, for example). A two-week period is more than enough for your project, and short enough to keep you focused on what you have to do. This means that your year will start with an achievement that can really be accomplished, and this is one of the best motivations that you can have.

Since many people are skeptical about the strategy described above, you should know that Andy Horner created it based on his personal life. For example, his latest Kickstart project was to develop his personal logo and launch his personal website, and that’s exactly what he did. Not only that the accomplishment of his Kickstart project motivated him, but he actually felt good throughout the year, as the number of subscribers increased remarkably.

Even if you give up on your project for a while, your year will still be better. Once you get used to doing your best in order to achieve your projects, you will never give up on this amazing strategy.

Focus on the value of your projects

Andy Horner’s project for 2013 is to improve his website by focusing more on content and value. Every project that can keep you challenged should be good enough to make your life better and a lot more successful. As soon as you understand that you need to make a change, things will start to go your way.

In business, everything’s possible!

Andy Horner’s inspirational style is to make people develop smart strategies for their business domains. Whether you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur, a manager or a salesperson, it’s critical to act now as time is essential in every work field. Once you become familiar with the technique of making a kick start, you will no longer waste your time with useless activities.  All you have to do is begin today and make sure that you complete your project within two weeks. Besides, if the strategy pays off and you want to thank Horner, you can contact him and tell him about your experience.

However, bear in mind that Andy Horner’s Kickstart projects are business related, even though they can be customized to suit different other fields. It’s up to you to decide upon something that you have been trying to achieve for a long time and try to fight hard in order to obtain it within two weeks. Nothing is impossible, and if you challenge yourself every single day, the end result will live up to your expectations.


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