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What Workplaces Do to Create and Sustain an Innovative Culture

What Workplaces Do to Create and Sustain an Innovative Culture

Innovation is not a process that happens overnight, it takes time. Here is the list of five indicators you can use to bring innovation in your organization.

Organizations in this era of modernization have to innovate themselves in every possible manner. However, it becomes difficult to follow the path of innovation sometimes. In reality, organizations should develop a “culture within a culture” first. If your organization wants to create and sustain an innovative culture, here is the list of five most influential indicators your organization should consider:

5 Indicators of an Innovative Organizational Culture

1.     Open and Flexible Workplace

When it comes to discussing the notion of flexible workplace, it is all about developing open office culture. An open office culture allows all the employees to manage their needs accordingly. Moreover, both employee and employer must work in collaboration to achieve individual and business goals in the end.

2.     Employees who can be both collaborative and experimental

Those employees who can come up with the expectations of internal stakeholders and customers both are desirable. Since, they can bring a positive change within the organization by adding the value of connections and networking.

3.     Speed is a crucial organizational Value

The process of change is happening too fast. Hence, organizations need to adapt this phenomenon as quickly as possible. If you want to keep the innovative culture alive at your workplace, you must take necessary measures proactively.

4.     Start sustainable projects within the Organization

It does not make any sense if organizations pursue projects those do not have future. These kinds of initiatives bring lot of disappointments for employees and external stakeholders means customers. Thus, organizations need to start those ventures they can continue for a longer period.

5.     Employees those who can tackle both Ambiguity and Transparency

Organizations need employees those who can manage both ambiguity and transparency with the right attitude. Therefore, employees must think out of the box to bring acceptable solutions to the problems. By doing so, innovation can be managed which is all about sustaining the right balance.

Future Workforce and the Role of Touch Screens and Robots

In order to sustain an innovative culture, we cannot underestimate the importance of future workforce. Likewise, we should consider the impact of touch screens and robots that will come into play in the coming years.

5 Attributes of Future Workforce

Morris Miselowski, a business futurist has predicted that our working future will undergo a huge automation in terms of tedious tasks. Similarly, employees would love to perform those jobs that need more intuition and focus.

This is surely an exciting prospect but a challenging one for employers. Here is the list of five attributes that will influence the dimensions of workforce in future. These five attributes are:

The Rise of the Freelancer

There is an every possibility that our future working life will be comprised of several careers and various job changes. We will be hiring those individuals who would prefer to work as freelancers because of diverse skill sets. However, employers will have to deal with the challenge of employee retention a great deal.

Disruptive Innovation

The notion of disruptive innovation suggests that employees have to accept change and become entrepreneurial. The traditional working structure i.e. Monday to Friday (9 to 5) will be transformed into flexible working hours.

Soft Skills

Soft skills or interpersonal skills will achieve more acceptance and play huge role in developing the structure of workforce in future. From an HR perspective, we will have to develop leadership skills in our employees to maintain the required level of innovation.

Robotic Resources

Robots will eradicate 6% of all jobs in the US by 2021. It would not be a surprise if you find a robot working as a customer service representative. These robots or intelligent agents may also work as a truck or taxi drivers. Furthermore, they can comprehend human behavior and make certain decisions based on the artificial intelligence (AI) powered systems.

Touchscreens are our existing and future employees

When you visit The McDonalds situated at the corner of Third Avenue and 58th street in New York City, you will find an automated touch-screen. This “Create Your Taste” kiosk helps customers to make their own burgers without interacting with another human being. Thus, touch-screens have already started contributing as our existing workforce. Moreover, we will see more touch-screen systems working as a part of workforce in future.

Future Scenario for HR

The involvement of touch-screens and robots in different organizations is increasing worldwide. Moreover, both these machines will soon overhaul our economy in coming years. We must understand the fact that these machines are doing excellent job in terms of productivity and retention rates. Therefore, it has become an alarming sign for human resource field since several jobs will be eliminated from the market.

Considering the situation, organizations must motivate their employees for embracing successful change management. Since, this is one of the most humongous innovation of all. To implement the notion of innovative culture in your organization, you should comprehend the dynamics of your workforce.

Likewise, you should not forget the role of robots and touchscreens that will surely influence the state of your workforce in near future. Hence, employers must strategize or rethink their prevailing HR practices on immediate basis.


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