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Importance of Human Resource Planning in Organizational Success

Importance of Human Resource Planning in Organizational Success

HR planning forms an integral part of any organization and it ensures that an organization succeeds in achieving all its targets. The following post explores the significance of HR planning in organizational success.


Just as planning is important in our daily lives’, planning forms an integral part of an organization. An organization’s success lies to a great extent to the skill, creativity and dedication of its employees. Here comes the importance of Human Resource Planning. Surprisingly, many organizations tend to overlook this aspect of HR and some are even not completely aware of it. Organizations that overlook this aspect of planning, have less chances of surviving in the long run; needless to say that a proper HR planning can help in dealing with a lot many issues in an effective way.

HR Planning – Definition

HR planning is a part of the larger gamut of Human Resources, and it is defined as the systematic analysis of HR needs that ensures that correct number of employees with the necessary skills are available when they are required. While preparing the planning programme, practitioners should bear in mind the objectives that they need to achieve. This is precisely the reason for seeking employment by most jobseekers. If these requirements are neglected by authorities it can lead to unnecessary poor performances and other industrial issues.

Becoming a HR Professional

Now, as a task, planning is not easy. It requires a lot of concentrated efforts to come with such a programme that would help ease your work. Competent HR professionals put in a lot of effort in order to launch an efficient HR planning programme. In order to become a HR professional formal training is mandatory. Several courses related to HR are taught in educational institutes across the globe. Among all major courses, MBA in HR is the most popular. As a course, MBA in HR is offered in several institutes. An extensive course in HR provides the required curriculum and training that empowers a candidate to excel in this field.

Significance of HR Planning

Planning is a process that has to be commenced from somewhere and completed for a particular purpose. It involves gathering information that ensures managers are able to make sound decisions. The obtained information is also utilized in order to achieve it’s the goals. If HR planning is applied properly, it can help in answering the four important questions:

  • What is the strength of the organization?
  • As far as skill sets are required what kind of employees does the organization have?
  • How should the organization function in order to be able to utilize all its resources properly?
  • How can the company retain its employees?

Effective HR planning helps the organization work smoothly and also achieves success in the present times. HR professionals working towards developing HR planning for an organization, assists the organization to manage its staff strategically. Apart from that HR planning can also ensure a proper career planning for employees and help them in achieving their goals. It will also ensure augmentation and eventually make the organization a better place to work in. The major steps involved in HR planning include the following:

  • Forecasting
  • Inventory
  • Audit
  • HR Resource Plan
  • Actioning of Plan
  • Monitoring and Control

From forecasting to Actioning of planning requires a lot of concentrated effort. The HR department of any organization has an enormous task – that of keeping pace with all the changes and ensure that the organization has the right kind of employees at the right time.

Ineffective HR Planning

On the other hand, poor HR planning or the absence of the same in an organization can result in huge loss or financial crisis. It may take a long time for vacancies to be filled. Needless to say it hampers work and has an adverse effect on the organization in the long run.

One of the most important reasons as to why HR planning should be implemented and effectively managed is the costs that are involved. Since budget forms an integral part of any business organization, proper planning can ensure provision costs related to HR.

HR planning must be taken seriously and it should involve creating a path for advancement for both—the organization and the employee.

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