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Latest Trends HR Need To Look Forward To in 2015

Latest Trends HR Need To Look Forward To in 2015

Advancements in technology have set off new and emerging trends in every field of business. The marketers trends 2015
and accountants aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits of hi-tech solutions. Human Resource agents have their fair share as well in balancing business and employee needs using the new gizmos and gadgets of today.

If you’re in the HR field, you need to watch out for the latest trends that are bringing about shifts in the HR industry. Recruitment, training, managing, and retaining can be assisted by many of these latest methods. Employers, as well as employees, will be grateful for the fancy new tools of technology which just made their life easier.


Who needs a desktop computer or a laptop to apply when you have a smart phone that does-it-all? The careers tab on every company’s website was old news. The most recent application of that technology is how to utilize that tab – using the smart phone.

Lately, the recruitment process has been made simpler with the help of responsive web-designs that enable any user to open up the website and apply using just a cell phone or a tablet. With the fast-track technology changes runs on a fast-track way of life. Everyone’s on the run, trying to complete tasks while doing another task or two. This practically doubles the number of applicants, allowing you to fish through a larger talent pool and hiring just the right fit!

Also, video call applications, such as Skype, make the interview scheduling and even the interview easier. The smart phone, your applicants may be carrying everywhere, enables them to give on-the-spot interviews if they like, no matter where they are or what they are doing.


HR trends

Trainings and orientations have also gone a few steps ahead with the help of latest technology. Employees are asked to complete several training sessions online once they have joined a new workplace. The HR professional’s presence isn’t required during their “virtual classroom” training sessions and tests that follow to assess what they have learned.


Workforce analysis software is on the rise. Back in the old days, managers used appraisal methods and tons of data to make assessments. Now, analytics software makes their job way simpler by taking in all that data and predicting their possible shortcomings. This is a great way to track employee performance and get them to improve their shortcomings. This, however, is still in its initial stage.

Forget about using spreadsheets to keep records. The latest HR software automates the process and saves a significant amount of time. What they did, when they left and how much time they took, the employees help themselves to keep their records and the software does the rest to making all of the calculations.

Human resources trends

Let’s not forget the ease of communication. The latest instant messaging apps, allow you to communicate instantaneously with your employee or your manager when a plethora of questions need to be asked.

Social Media

Whether it’s a burden or a blessing, is for you to decide. I believe every new technology or software used the correct way is more of a blessing than a burden. With respect to HR, social media apps have revolutionized many past methods. Which method? Recruitment, for one!

LinkedIn profiles aren’t used anymore just to hire people. Social media, including Facebook, is being used to do background checks of potential employees. Users tend to update almost every detail of information about their experiences, qualifications, places visited, skills, hobbies, etc, and believe me every bit of that information is useful! Even age and relationship status, at times!


You don’t want your valuable set of skills walking away. To help HR on the “retaining” side, cloud-based software such as Thompsons Online Benefits helps communicate benefits to any organization’s employees. Their consultancy services plan out reward and pension programs, as well.

Learn more about the latest technology, known as “cloud computing” in this Wiki article.

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