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How Headhunters Should Boost Their Poaching Skills

How Headhunters Should Boost Their Poaching Skills

Headhunting has become a common term in the recruitment industry and it is not something new. The process recruitment skills of headhunting has been in existence for several years, but, as nowadays companies do not have much time and resource to afford on a candidate, it has become an important part of the corporate world. Headhunters usually specialize in a certain field of industry so as to get a better understanding of candidate’s profile in accordance to the job requirements. Headhunters usually proactively and aggressively search for the right candidate to fill up a profile.

Unlike recruiters, a headhunter’s job is done when he/she is able to get the right candidate for the profile and is not associated with the entire recruitment process. The first part of hiring is to find the right candidate. As there may be a large response to a certain job posting it is difficult for the companies to filter the right candidates to call for an interview; so often they hire headhunters to the job for them while they give more importance to the hiring process.

Headhunters work independently as a person or in agencies related to the field and are paid by the hiring companies. It has become an effective way for companies to get their positions filled and thus’ headhunting has earned itself a reputed corner in the recruiting. Headhuting is not always easy as it seems at first; it requires a great deal of patience and there is a lot of uncertainty regarding the response of candidates whenever a call is made.

Here are a few tips that will help headhunters to boost their poaching skills and get the right candidate for the required profile:

  1. Plan before starting your calls. Just calling up without any planning beforehand is not going to help you if you want to nail the conversation and drive it in right direction. Plan so that you can make the candidate understand clearly why you are calling, about you and the organization that you are hiring for.
  1. Try not use unethical means. Do not impersonate a person or an organization. It is highly unethical and unlawful, which may lead you to trouble. Also, candidates are clever enough to double-check the credibility of any headhunters.
  1. Have a good imagination and make planned responses. If you are unable to contact the required candidate, do not just put off by it. Have a pre-planned response regarding it, so as to get the contact of the person if they are on leave or if the call is transferred to their personal assistant.
  1. Be good at the research. Headhunting is basically about researching the right candidate from a pool of numerous talents. Do your homework well so that you get the right candidate before making any calls. This will save you a lot of time and the possibility of cracking it at one go.
  1. Be persuasive and fast. If you are slow at responding to a talent that has the possibility of fitting perfectly for the job profile, you may lose him/her to some other headhunter. Also be persuasive and sound convincing to the candidate. If you are unable to instill a sense of importance about the job and its attractiveness, then the candidate will not give much thought about the job you are talking about.
  1. Document every detail and be organised. Learn to detail every little details regarding the conversation like important numbers, dates, etc. Also document about how the conversation went and is there anything where you found there is room for improvement. This will improve your skills vastly.

Remember, headhunting job profile is not just calling up or meeting a person to brief him/her about a certain job profile. It is more than that; you have to act that part impressively and get the attitude correct. The above tips will help you become the ultimate ‘poacher’.

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Hasib is a knowledge junkie and an avid reader. Professionally he is a writer for the top job site in India – and often gives career advices to corporate professionals. When he is not involved in writing, he is contemplating his next journey to the hills. Follow him @ twitter, Google+, LinkedIn


  1. How Headhunters Should Boost Their Poaching Ski... - […] Unlike recruiters, a headhunter’s job is done when he/she is able to get the right candidate for the profile…

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