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Efficient Recruitment: Not Difficult Anymore

Efficient Recruitment: Not Difficult Anymore

When it comes to recruiting new individuals almost every year, the human resource management process recruitment strategycould often prove to be very tiresome and rigorous. Making sure the deserving candidate gets the post and would be an asset for the post and the company needs both the psychological as well as skill assessment, however the assessment needs complete check and balance otherwise a wrong recruitment could prove to be a damage to not only the post work but ultimately to the company also producing a ripple effect. This can be prevented by making sure of an efficient and transparent recruitment system. A system which is capable enough to select the best of the best for the company.

This article incorporates some necessary know how’s about an efficient recruiting system and how the selection can be made effective:

1- Planning and Streamlining:

The first and the foremost step in starting an effective recruitment system is to first plan the amount of candidates the company requires for a certain post. After that describing the job requirements completely is the key to attracting the right candidates for the right post, if any ambiguities in this step persists could swarm in ineligible candidates also and that would make the initial screening process more difficult and time taking.

2- The smaller the better:

The more the system would have small steps leading to final selection the more appropriate candidate would get selected. Small screening stage brings out the complete capabilities of a candidate in every aspect rather than a broader analysis of a personality. A good recruiting system tests the candidates in every way and then select the most suitable candidate out of the lot.

3- Screening:

Screening involves different stages. The initial stages screen the completely most obvious ineligible candidates, after doing that the further stages up till interview involves qualification, skill and requirement for the post based screening. All these screening stages help in complete human resources management scrutiny to bring the best suited candidate up front.

4- Listing:

Efficient recruitment is based on listing the requirements into two categories: The essentials of the post and the desirable traits of the post. The essentials are the hard core constant rules and must-haves of the post, if any candidate is not fulfilling this criteria, he/she in no way can get pass through the selection stage like specific subjects degree requirements and the desirable traits are the skills and talents of an individual that the recruiters think the company can make use of for its benefit in the future. These include the outstanding traits, extra experiences and skills regarding the post applied for.

5- Flexibility:

An efficient recruiting system is always a bit flexible because flexibility allows diversity and diversity brings new and fresh ideas which could certainly prove to be useful for the company/organization. A certain flexibility regarding experience or skills but along with compensation with any extraordinary trait or talent is always shown by good recruiters. Often abiding by constant rules could miss out on a talent which otherwise could become an asset for the company/organization.

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Catriona Cerys is a professional HR executive at Done Dissertation. She has completed her studies in HR as well. She also works as a career consultant in the UK.

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