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How to Prepare Yourself in Competitive Job Market?

How to Prepare Yourself in Competitive Job Market?

It is a common scenario in Indian and multinational companies to witness youngsters as executives who are either engineering graduates or management graduates. They get into the middle or senior management level with ease and there are reasons for that.

Initial Surge:

High academic scores, in-depth knowledge in specialized subjects, accumulated general knowledge, exceptional IQ, enthusiastic and dynamic approach towards tasks entrusted, limitless efforts, hard work, fearless approach and much more contribute for this initial surge and make you successful in your career.

But when you reach the mid-management or high-management positions, you find your career has become stagnant and boring. Whatever effort you put in, may not yield the much desired and expected promotion that might make you feel dejected resulting in reduced enthusiasm which further complicates the issue.

When you step-up the career ladder, you feel elated and think that everything is possible and climbing further in the ladder of success would be as easy as the path you have travelled so far. Of course, it is true but you have to sit back, relax and think clearly about what would hold back your speedy rise within the company.

Let us first guide you through the thinking process to help you make the right decision that would accelerate your growth.

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Competition is the first thing that you have to think about first. Competition could be from within your department or from another in your same level or from your juniors or from seniors even in some cases have to be listed out and analyzed.

Competition within your department from a person who is also in the same level as you are in or from a junior or senior could be easily dealt with. The management, for the sake of comparison would take into consideration the contributions both have made to the company, results produced, communication standards, leadership qualities, extent of popularity among other staff etc. When everything turns out to be similar then the next but important criteria, the management might take into consideration would be your qualification.

career2You might be feeling confident with your present qualification and sure of producing excellent performance but if your competitor who has similar qualities as you possess but with a higher qualification might have an edge over you while a final decision about the promotion is made. Here is where an executive MBA would help you in eliminating that possibility.

Competition from a different department would be entirely of a different proportion and magnitude. Revenue generating departments always get more visibility and get more exposed to the management and the results produced would be more tangible than what you generate in your own department. You might feel that your achievements are much valuable than your competitor’s as this required much effort, innovation and hard work. However the management always think the other way always and at this point time if you have a higher qualification then it might bring the inter-departmental discrimination under a shadow and bring you to the lime light.

For leap frogging over your senior and attaining a higher position at an early stage of the career rests in all the qualities explained above but an additional qualification could make your leap longer and stronger.

So, it is time now to think about the leap and to strengthen your background and to step forward with complete confidence you require a higher qualification. Your knowledge about the business and managing it would have shaped definitely to qualify for the leap but the reasons stated above and also some very important things require you to take that decision of further qualifying yourself.

At your stage and level, taking a break from your career or deciding to take up a regular MBA may not be helpful and desirable. There is a special course especially designed and offered for executives like you but is not popularly known and understood.

Executive MBA:

Executive MBA is much more different from the regular MBAs and let us explore why this would be more suitable for you than other courses.

  • The course curriculum is exclusively designed for top executives. The curriculum omits the basic material about business management and straightaway concentrates on the advanced aspects of the management which eliminates wastage of time. As you enter into the advanced level you find the curriculum interesting.
  • The course will be conducted only in the week ends. You may have to get special permission from your management as the course will be conducted from Friday evenings to Sunday.
  • Offers an innovative and scientific approach for management. The course will throw light on the modern techniques and future adaptation methods that could be used successfully by you in your own working environment.
  • In-house projects to strengthen your management capabilities. You will be required to do projects on your own focussed on your line of interest that would satisfy you immensely and would let you step into a new world of progression and there will be no stepping back.
  • Global recognition.
  • Could meet and interact with top executives from top companies.
  • Schedule designed for complimenting your professional and personal priorities.

General Admission criteria:

  • Minimum of 10 years professional work experience (8 – 9 for exceptional cases)
  • Fluent English
  • 2 recommendations and a third optional (at least one should come from your organization preferably a supervisor / Superior)
  • Distinguished work history.

MIT Executive program is one of the best such course offered. They offer 4 different modules each takes 6 to nine days for completion and spread across 6 months period for every module. The modules include Leadership and integrative management (LIM), Innovation driven Entrepreneurial Advantage (IDEA), Leading in a Global Context (LGC) and Leading complex organizations (LCO).

The courses offered are Integrated and action learning courses, Analytical frameworks, Business essentials and some advanced courses in Corporate finance, Risk Management, marketing strategy, Law and strategy for Business Executive, Power, influence and negotiation and Technological Strategy.

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Shipra Sinha creates content pieces for the digital media. She follows education trends and writes articles revolving around these trends. The above post talks about why doing an Executive MBA is a smart move to step-up the career ladder. Follow her on G+ and Twitter. Connect on LinkedIn.

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