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How HR Can Best Partner With C-Suite Executives

How HR Can Best Partner With C-Suite Executives

An Ideal HR is the base of any organization’s growth. An organization adds value to their decision-making process by their inclusion in the management panel. Their job is to nurture both company’s culture & employees while building trust and setting the organization in the best possible way. They are the strategic partners of the company who give toned directions to organization & its employees. Having a seat of HR at the table ensures that they have a deep insight into leadership team’s mind and that is how they can meet the expectation of the department. Without proper communication, HR might fail in meeting the CEO’s expectations. With proper planning & communication, HR ensures a smooth transition for dissatisfied employees, departments and managers when it comes to layoffs, merger and acquisitions, and organizational restructuring.

HR is responsible to create and manage staffing budgets, hiring, attrition & implementation strategy in an effective manner. They strategically make plans to hire or retain the employees.

Finding a cost-effective way to the employee’s continuous growth & keeping them motivated throughout the tenure, is the second most challenging part of HR’s job.

In today's competitive environment, many organizations are struggling to hire a good candidate. HR plays a very significant role in hiring the right candidate for the right profile.

The most important & challenging part is hiring a reputable c-suite executive and conduct thorough investigations to keep employees satisfied and free from grievances. A best HR team and a knowledgeable CEO can team up together and lead the organization towards continuous and exponential growth.

It has been seen that there is not enough probing for leadership positions believing them straight on their face value and their persona as fully reliable. Lack of an in-depth research can lead to wrong hiring for a critical position which can later prove to be risky for the organization and its employees. To ensure the overall health of the organization, effort needs to facilitate a better hiring decision towards responsible positions.  If in any case, an organization ends up hiring a wrong leader, the damages suffered thereafter, can be multi-fold and recurring. There are many corporate fraud cases and examples from the real world to show that an ‘inadvertent’ error in executive hiring can impact the company image, branding and stock position irreversibly.

But how can a professionally competent leader be chosen?

A 360-degree background verification of the senior level candidates can be an absolute delight to help HR partner to the best of C-suite executives.

An intense executive screening that delivers tailor-made background checks will be suitable to the broad specifications of the company & the leadership team. The smallest of discrepancies make a huge difference to the quality of candidate hired. Leadership due diligence is the perfect solution for keeping the organization clear from lawsuits.

Hiring a leader without prior knowledge can put the reputation of the entire organization at stake. Since these leaders are positioned in an authoritative and accountable place, they need to deal with confidential information.

The risk and cost involved in leadership positions are quite high besides handling huge responsibilities and manpower of the organization, the leaders have access to classified organizational data. In case of sensitive data being misused by the honchos can land the organization in serious financial losses. With a prior leadership due diligence, organizations can save themselves from any catastrophic consequences.
Thus, with an important exercise of executive screening, which is the exhaustive leadership due diligence, an effective hiring can be accomplished by evading the risks of wrong hiring.
Clearly, the accountability of HR has risen when it comes to senior-level hiring, protecting against the cost of bad senior hires. This try stitches the company interests into a tight weave through the human resource channel.

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Dolly Sharma works for AuthBridge, a leading expert in employee engagement & leadership due diligence services, has been in this industry since 12 successful years. Visit our website

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