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4 Ways Business Videos Could Improve the Corporate Culture

4 Ways Business Videos Could Improve the Corporate Culture

Wondered why organizations have employees who are happy working with them especially when it’s just the employer brandingchance of quality product or reaping a few extra benefits and perks. From the process of attracting new employees to the entire process of recruiting them, the business owners, managers and video experts discuss how the enterprise business videos would lead to a benefit of the business organization.

Enterprise business videos is not about cats and dogs anymore. Organizations these days are using videos to tell their stories, and get a word of mouth about the new products and services they have been offering, recruiting employees. So how can your business gain benefit from enterprise business videos. Given below are the top 8 ideas and strategies that would help you improve the corporate culture of your business organization.

Employees being hired for values and skill set: We do have individuals in this world who do things impetuously, and do not even think of repercussions of impulsive behaviours. Say for example not working well when under pressure, and stress level. The entire process of hiring especially when it comes for your contact centres should be done in a strict manner. They need to be a good listener, should be able to make good judgement, so hire employees who have a wealth of common sense.

Live coverage of your business events: Have a live coverage done for all your business events with teams working from different locations, in order to build an integrated corporate culture. Having individual business videos being created would help your organization be in the loop and feel connected with executives and organizations as a whole.

Using Video conferencing to keep your employees connected: Video conferencing and online meetings help the business organizations connect with the other team members working at different locations more effectively when compared to others. This is very valuable and important today when compared to today’s workplace where 92% of the millennials would work remotely and 87% to work on their clock. And according to a research study conducted by Kaltura survey enterprise business videos does improve the collaboration and productivity of the business organization especially in terms of locations. And on the other end 76% of the respondents agreed that enterprise business videos helps employees with close to close communication when compared to the written communication.

Announcing about the new product or service offered by your organization: Enterprise business videos are another best ways of gaining a word of mouth for the products and services you have been offering. In other words it helps in creating a buzz for a new product or service offered by your organization.

These were just a few there are a lot more to go. So do you know any best way you could use a video for your business organization. And how have you been dealing with it. Please do leave your comments below.

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Claudia Metura is an expert in the IT industry with over 12 years of experience. He has collaborated with various companies to work on improving enterprise video platform.

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