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Teaching Essentials that Should be Mandatory at Business Schools

Teaching Essentials that Should be Mandatory at Business Schools

There are certain things business schools should teach students to help them become pioneers. MBA programs are not that easy to pass. While studying hard and mastering every course is important, the traits of the business can't be learned in a classroom. Here are some essentials every business school should teach to help students thrive in the business world.

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The importance of leadership

The 4 main factors of production in society are capital, labor, land, and entrepreneurship. The latter one is centered on the great importance of leadership in the business environment. Business schools should accentuate the role and purpose of a leader, especially since leaders act as catalysts that make other elements work smoothly together. A business environment without a leader can't attain greatness, and savvy entrepreneurs are always fighting to master the newest techniques to keep employees engaged.

A leaderless company is just an army without a general. Every work field (whether it's business-related or not) needs to have an experienced individual to offer guidance to the inexperienced. New grads pursuing an MBA should know that an excellent leader is defined by 3 main words: honesty, commitment, and dedication. These essential aspects should be taught at every business school. In business, leaders have an extremely important purpose. They inspire workers, they keep them engaged, and they motivate them to get over their fears if they want to succeed.

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Taking risks and making mistakes

In school, mistakes are associated with low grades, and excellent students don't make mistakes. Fortunately, this rule doesn't apply in business where errors are necessary to succeed. One's performance level is not necessarily measured in total returns, sales, and profits. New grads should focus more on gathering experience, even if that often means taking chances and slipping up. Too many business people think that success is measured in connections, relations, and negotiations won over the years. While these aspects are important, they shouldn't been seen at supreme targets.

Business schools should teach students more information about the importance of making a mistake. Errors shouldn't be criticized; they should be used to foster a student's creative spirit. MBA programs must focus on teaching students the importance of taking a chance and the significance of liability.

Get involved

Students should take advantage of organizations and clubs within their business schools. These can teach them more about the industry and they will eventually master the business world in a more practical way. Clubs are an excellent gateway to meet important people, such as leaders, entrepreneurs, and public speakers. They can be used as a networking tool or a ticket to future job opportunities and internships. Most business schools have extracurricular activities and programs students can engage in. Why should you remain in the shadow? Business schools are meant for courageous individuals with great communication abilities; the key to making yourself noticed is to get involved.

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Stay interested

You can never make it into the business world if you're not genuinely in love with this industry. Many students apply for an MBA or they attend business school because it's cool and trendy. It's not. Not everyone will succeed in this domain, and that's because the world is packed with too many start-ups and online businesses. Finding an original idea and using it to turn it into a company is easier said than done. On the bright side, those who actually like the business environment would do anything to achieve their goals and dreams. Are you one of them?

Business schools must focus on teaching students more about competition. When you lose interest in your idea, business, or company, others will be waiting in line to take you down. One of the most powerful tool students should employ to stay afloat is called social media. Proper advertising of your business, press releases, thorough marketing campaigns, and online interaction with those interested are key aspects that will help new grads become successful business people.

MBA programs and business schools in general, are meant for avid students who want to make it in the tough world of business. It's a tough field where negotiation training is mandatory; you may have to fail a couple of times to succeed, yet, it is one of the most rewarding, upbeat, and interesting industries you'll ever have the chance of experiencing.

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William Taylor is the writer to this article. He is a regular contributor at many sites and mainly focuses on business related topics. He also writes for a site <a href= offering laser hair removal machines.


  1. I like the article. It made me think of a story (I have long since forgotten where I read it) about a young manager at IBM who made a ten million dollar mistake. He goes into his boss’s office expecting to be fired but his manager responds by saying, “Fire you? I’m not going to fire you. I just spent ten million dollars on your education!” What a great lesson! I agree that business schools should really focus on the idea and ideals of leadership.

  2. Great article with some very practical recommendations! Woven together, there is the opportunity to take risks, make mistakes, learn and demonstrate leadership while involved in the community; all the while exploring interests, developing skills and identifying true passions. The importance of accountability, an inquisitive nature, collaboration and courage are additional elements worthy of note.


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