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What Lies Ahead: Preparing Business For the Future

What Lies Ahead: Preparing Business For the Future

On the cusp of the referendum to decide whether Scotland will become independent, this is an opportunity-filled time for Scottish businesses. Whichever way the vote falls, companies will be changing and developing, and this is a time in which businesses can embrace new opportunities and build on existing ones.

While the United Kingdom waits to find out what happens, businesses need to plan ahead. They’ll be thinking big and asking how they can ensure their growth and be ready for whatever the future may hold. One thing to consider, which is possibly overlooked, is whether they’re running smoothly from the ground upwards. If everything is operating efficiently within teams and in the workplace, the larger goals and overarching processes of the business will follow suit.

So how can businesses address any issues in the workplace to fully ensure a well-oiled machine?

Support new team members

Consider a buddy system for new employees, whereby they’re assigned to shadow or learn from an established member of staff. Start them off with some administrative work or in secretarial jobs so that they really understand the nitty-gritty of the business. From their first day they’ll learn orientation skills and receive the training to guarantee that they absorb the philosophy and extant knowledge of their role and the business as a whole.

New employees should be provided with a mixture of digital training and documentation to make sure that they have an orientation pack to refer to. They'll feel supported and also have basic documents to consult before they approach busy co-workers with their initial queries. Techniques such as this save time and allow the new employee to feel confident in their knowledge during their first few days in the role.

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Training opportunities

If a business offers continuous opportunities for employees to build up and expand their skills, not only are team members developing their personal skill set, but the overall skill set of the team is enhanced and engaged at all times. In addition, they’re adding value to the company itself, which is always something to consider.

Not only are there external training options, though. Mentoring schemes within the workplace can put existing skills to good use and inspire current team members without draining resources.

Recognition and reward

Not only do companies need to achieve their main goals. To do that the team and employees must be motivated to work ever harder. It's important that individuals can see that if they go the extra mile, they’ll be recognized.

Put a program in place to motivate staff and reward them for their hard work. This will emphasize the importance of teamwork while simultaneously acknowledging the individual members who contribute the most to that team. Just don’t forget that one person’s success is the team’s success as well, though.

In short, a few basic techniques that center around the individual team member can strengthen cohesion in a team as a whole. These techniques will swiftly translate into a unified workforce, and filter upwards into a successful smooth-running business with little financial cost.

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Craig John is an independent business adviser. He specializes in working with small businesses.

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