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Small Design Changes to Update Your Office & Boost Productivity

Small Design Changes to Update Your Office & Boost Productivity

Many people might not be aware how influential the look, feel, design and layout of an office is on workers' productivity and office, productivitymood. Whilst not all firms can afford to undertake complete design makeovers in order to improve their office environment, there are actually a surprisingly large amount of actions you can easily and affordably take to update an office design.

Color changes

Color plays a key role in reflecting the atmosphere of a room. In fact, many interior design experts suggest colors can influence how we feel. Therefore, if you want to make some simple design changes to your office then get to grips with color. You don't necessarily need to do a complete repaint job. Simply choose a color scheme and add artwork to the walls. Use color to brighten up office accessories or furniture. If you want to go for a design look that is based on nature's elements, then add greenery and plants to the building.

Re-arrange furniture

If you're finding that creativity is sometimes stifled or concentration levels amongst staff often flag, then simply re-arranging the layout of the room or reshuffling the furniture could make a big difference. Create corners or zones for staff to retreat to, to have impromptu meetings or discussions, or just to recharge those overworked batteries.

Focus on lighting

Light is really important in an office setting, and should be featured in your overall design scheme. If the lighting in your office isn't right, it can lead to headaches and eyestrain, for instance. Don't automatically assume that the brighter the lighting, the better it is. In fact, harsh strip lighting can be overbearing and worse than not enough lighting. Natural lighting is the best, so try to incorporate lighting that is as natural as possible. Dot task lighting in individual areas where workers might need extra levels.


Your corporate branding shouldn't just be used externally, but it can be incorporated into your internal design scheme to reinforce your identity. There are lots of ways you can do this. Quite simply, you could display your logo on one of the walls. Or, you could use colors, elements, themes, shapes or structures from your branding and make suggestive design choices to reflect these.


Changes to design elements in your office may often focus on storage - this is especially relevant for small offices. Incorporating storage features as part of your design strategy is not only functional but can look stylish too. You don't need to buy industrial, grey cabinets to store items. Instead, think bright, funky shelves or cupboards or stylish, wooden drawers. Once you've got your storage sorted, your office should look clean, tidy and organized.

Personalize the office

Since most workers spend a good chunk of their day at the office, it makes sense to incorporate a design that reflects the individuality and personalities of the employees who make up the business. This could include allowing staff to bring in personal artefacts or items that reflect who they are, as well as involving staff in decision making when it comes to how the office space should look like. Even if this is something as simple as what color or style of mugs to buy for the kitchen, or which type of artwork for the walls - these can help to make the staff feel part of the design scheme of the office.

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Rebecca Fox is a business graduate who writes for Whitefields Document Storage. She enjoys studying and writing about HR and management and has a keen interest in psychology in business.

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