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7 Traits Great Employees Have in Common

7 Traits Great Employees Have in Common

Hiring someone for a new position is a complicated quest: hundreds of candidates have a perfect set of personal and professional qualities but only some of them really suit the position. Every company wants to find employees who share their vision of running a business and who can really invest something in the development of the business. For recruiters, this becomes a real challenge: during the first interview they need to determine whether a person will become a part of the team. It would be easier if all positions required the same traits and qualities but in the real world this list changes from a position to position.

Searching for Ideal Candidate: Importance of Personal Traits

Different positions require different sets of skills indeed. For some positions, the communicative skill is the top priority while the position of analyst, for example, requires the ability of critical thinking. A recruiter should understand what skills every position needs and more importantly, notice these skills while talking to candidates. Fortunately, there are some common skills that are equally important when hiring both a junior QA and a project manager.

These skills will help a person raise professionally and assist in the development of the company. Besides, these skills will be helpful for working in a team and encouraging other team members to struggle for better results. These qualities are more than just goal-orientation, it is a set of traits that leads to success.

Personal Traits That Make Everyone an Ideal Candidate

We have investigated 7 traits great employees have in common no matter what position they occupy. Of course, the combination of these skills works perfectly, but even if a person has 4 out of 7 skills, you may consider hiring them without any hesitations.

  1. Action-oriented

An ideal candidate should always take actions. A passive person will never encourage other people and will hardly be a generator of useful ideas no matter how professional they are. Even when you hire a candidate with no experience but the one who is ready to share their ideas and vision with everyone, you invest in the development of the business and building a perfect team. A good candidate always does something and never waits until someone asks them to complete tasks.

  1. Ambitious

When a candidate knows that they deserve more and when they demonstrate a real desire to work hard to achieve what they deserve, consider making them an offer. Ambitious candidates are priceless. They are never satisfied with mediocre results and struggle for more. This quality in combination with the action-orientation can bring quick results and a person who takes one of the junior positions can become a senior just in a few months!

  1. Intelligence

A clever candidate who has competence at different spheres can be a real treasure for your company. The matter is that this candidate can choose different career paths for development. If they take a junior position, they may try themselves at any of the departments, and if they are already a senior or a manager, they may work with different products on different markets.

  1. Leadership

Any group needs a leader. Of course, it is always better to have one leader in a group to avoid conflicts but you should always look for people who have developed leadership qualities. Companies always need people who can lead a group. Pay attention to the self-confidence of new candidates. As a rule, a self-confident person can become a leader.

  1. Confidence

In the previous point, we have mentioned self-confidence as the quality necessary for building a leadership. Confidence is a slightly different thing. A confident person does not change their mind unless the opposite fact is proven. They understand what they know and understand what they do not know. Moreover, they do everything possible to fill the gaps and become even more confident in their knowledge.

  1. Honest

A lying candidate is a bad candidate. It does not matter about what exactly they lie: their previous achievements, their experience, or even some personal information. If an individual does not want to answer some questions considering them to be too personal or impolite, they may always tell that to an HR in order not to lie.

  1. Hard working

Lazy people are not the best employees although they say that they are better than others as they are so lazy that they do their job once but reach perfect results. A lazy person will never try to do something better and will never spend hours on research and investigation. Hiring a hard-working person, you may expect quick personal and professional development, huge desire to achieve more, and total dedication to the work that they do.


We hope that you will pay attention to these 7 qualities next time you look for the perfect candidate. Perhaps, you will change your attitude to the inexperienced candidates who possess these qualities and will give them a try.


Kevin Nelson started his career as a research analyst and has changed his sphere of activity to writing services and content marketing. Currently, Kevin works as a part-time writer at the BreezeWriting. Apart from writing, he spends a lot of time reading psychology and management literature searching for the keystones of motivation ideas. Feel free to connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin.
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